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The College Campus & The 4 Pillars of Personal Safety Seminar


The College Campus & The 4 Pillars of Personal Safety Seminar

Crime rates for college campuses have skyrocketed over the past few decades. This educational course helps students build awareness of the potential dangers of campus life and how to avoid and/or respond to volatile situations in an effective manner.

Students will learn how to take responsibility for their own personal safety. This class includes live demonstrations, identifies the dangerous behaviors of predators, verbal defenses, and understanding the realities and prevalence of violence. Participants will learn to navigate their surroundings by developing the right mindset of situational awareness including tips on parking lots, stairwells, and unfamiliar buildings. They will learn “Power” tactics to prevent being victimized. How to handle travel and steps to remain safe at hotels. Rising stress levels (the fight or flight response), and pro’s and con’s of lethal vs.non-lethal self-defense options will all be discussed.

This is an excellent presentation for women’s groups, teens, students and anyone wanting to build a self-defense plan of action.

This is a classroom only class and can be scheduled at your facility. Please contact us for more information at 412-221-4900.

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