Otis FG610 Pistol Cleaning Kit .22-.45 Cal Pistol Bronze

Product Code:FG610
Dept:Firearms Essentials


Otis' Pistol Cleaning System is portable and effective. It comes packaged in a 4"x4"x2 1/4" lightweight soft pack with a belt loop for convenient carrying. Included is 8", 12" and 20" Memory-Flex Cables for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning, two caliber-specific bronze bore brushes for removing copper and lead deposits, Otis' Bio CLP for lubrication and protection, a T-handle, and an obstruction removal tools for jammed casings and other blockages. This system comes with .38 and .45 cal brushes and cleaning patches for .22 - .45 cal.
Type Cleaning System
Size Handgun
Pieces 1 Kit
Bristle Type Brass
Includes Cable/Brushes/Cleaner/Patches
Tip Features Slotted
Thread Pattern
Case Material
Caliber or Gauge .22-.45 Cal
Bore Diameter Start
Bore Diameter End

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