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PSA Safety News

  • Jody Salerno and Pittsburgh Today Live TV

    Pittsburgh Today Live

    View Jody Salerno being interviewed by Pittsburgh Today Live [January 2018]. View interview on Pittsburgh Today Live

  • RabbleVID TV

    RabbleVID TV

    View Jody Salerno being interviewed by RabbleVid [January 2018]. View interview on RabbleVID TV

  • Jody Salerno and WQED


    View Jody Salerno being interviewed by WQED-TV [November 2017]. View interview on WQED TV

  • Jody Salerno and WTAE-TV

    KDKA Interview

    View Jody Salerno being interviewed by KDKA TV [May 2017]. View interview on YouTube

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Interview with Jody Salerno by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [April 2016]. Read her interview on Women and Guns


    View Jody Salerno being interviewed by WTAE-TV [January 2016]. View interview on YouTube

  • Jody Salerno with Robert Vogel

    Robert Vogel and Jody Salerno

    Robert Vogel, World Champion Shooter

  • Jody Salerno with Ron Bellan

    Ron Bellan and Jody Salerno

    Ron Bellan, Former Navy SEAL and Master Chief. Ron hosts Survive The Hunt.

  • Safety Is Of The Utmost Importance:

    Firearms Instructors Preach Responsibility And Safety For Gun Owners March 28, 2021. View interview here

  • Pittsburgh Leaders And Gun Owners:

    Split After State Senate Approves 2 Firearms Bills November 10, 2021. View interview here

  • Coronavirus:

    Gun sales rise, more than double permits issued in western Pennsylvania March 16, 2020. View interview here

  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

    I sat down with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today to tell my story of how I went from being terrified of guns 6 1/2 years ago to becoming a 2A Advocate, competition shooter, and owning a successful indoor shooting range and training facility! May 11, 2021.

  • 2nd Amendment:

    Advisory Board Member- Gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta September, 2021. Read here

  • Interviewing Stephen Willeford

    Sutherland Springs, Texas November 5, 2017 Stephen is credited with stopping the deadliest mass shooting in a place of worship In modern history. September, 2020.

  • Teaching Patty McCloskey how to shoot


  • HBO filming a documentary on me!

    Telling my story of how a divorce took me from being terrified of guns 5 1/2 years ago to where I am now!

  • Experts: BB Guns Are Being Mistaken For Real Firearms

    Prompting Police Response April 16, 2021 . View interview here

  • Jody Salerno with Marcus Luttrell

    Marcus Luttrell and Jody Salerno

    Marcus Luttrell, hero of Lone Survivor!

  • Washington Post Interview

    November, 2020

  • Another pic from the Washington Post Interview

    November, 2020


    Meet Jody Salerno! Jody is our State Director of 2AWomen/Pennsylvania and she is one of five 2AWomen National Spokespersons. April 20, 2020.

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